Not Your Average Joe

Not Your Average Joe

5 Things You May Not Know About the Sheriff and 2 Things I Want to Tell You.

Because its his birthday, the Sheriff gets to be my inspiration for the day!

A while back, we were at a weekend church retreat with some other church friends of ours. We all got married the same year within 3 weeks of each other, so we have kind of grew our families and lives together. One night as our kids were off doing something productive probably, somebody started this conversation: What about your husband gets on your nerves? You know that super great subject for a church retreat! One of our friends actually said and meant it when she said nothing about her spouse gets on her nerves. I almost fell out of my chair both with disbelief and anticipation of my turn! So when it came my turn, I only said one thing-how much time do I have?

I’m joking. I’m joking. I promise I’m joking. He knows every single thing he does to get on my nerves and does those things regularly. He’s actually quite entertained when he gets under my skin. But I won’t bore you with those little things like that although most of you could totally relate.

But today is his birthday! So I’m going to tell you five things you may not know about the Sheriff and then I’ll throw in two things you need to know.

  1. He is not only an avid historian and author, he is also a re-enactor. It actually takes very little persuasion to get him to dress up as some long lost character from a book, a movie or from history . Whether it be Dragging Canoe or Cousin Eddie, he’s always up for recreating a moment in time. I am always reminded of a time when his reenacting caught up with him as one of his instructors in New Sheriff’s School somehow got a hold of one of these photos and used it in a power point presentation to Sheriffs across the state. Of course, it had no relevance at the time but was a pretty good joke that “somebody” was able to orchestrate.

2. He’s a very talented musician and singer. He has quite the ear for music and can play most, I say MOST instruments with ease. However, the violin seems to escape his grasp. It’s the only instrument I know of that he cannot play. When I say cannot play, I mean “oh honey that sounds great, but let’s give the cats, dogs and small children a break for a little while.” I’m always encouraging like that.

3. He’s super adventurous. If you’ve been following along, you know he’s my favorite hiking buddy and travel partner. He’s usually up for any shenanigans we can get ourselves into…….

Again, I’m just kidding!! He is actually quite adventurous. Here is where he went to space…..

and met the Fonz….

and here where he narrowly escapes a shark attack! (He took that selfie, y’all. I’m not totally to blame.)

4. He’s an avid animal person. We live on a 40 acre farm where we not only raised boys but miniature horses, a world famous drug goat, a few chickens and pigs, but he’s also become quite the donkey and mule wrangler.

Just for the record, that is not the worst mule picture I have in my arsenal.

5. He’s fallen in love with someone else! Actually two someone elses… These little munchkins have come along and ruined him. Just ask our boys! Although, he has a tough guy image to maintain, two little heads can pop up and that goes down the drain.

And lastly the two things, I will tell you about the Sheriff:

  1. He’s watching you! Maybe I should say he’s watching over you. If you live in his county or even anywhere near his area, he’s watching over you. He gets his intel from Santa Claus, I think. Really, he’s praying for you. He cares for you, your family and your community. He has a huge heart for his job, his family and community. He is very invested in what goes on around it.

2. And last but not least, I don’t want to get too mushy and lovey dovey, but I want to tell you what a lucky, lucky man he is to have a wife who devotes a whole blog post to his birthday! Also, dearest friends and family, if I turn up missing over the next few days, please alert my children. I’ve uploaded several pictures of myself to hand out to the search party….

the whiny hiker

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