About Me

About Me

Welcome to the Whiny Hiker! I’m Stephanie and I really want this blog to be all about having fun, not taking life too seriously, being able to go with the flow but still having a voice. Sometimes it seems like I’m whining but what is really happening is that something on my brain comes out my mouth. But it seems that there are times when something always goes wrong, someone who gets lost, a trail too long or a climb too high right? Does everyone who encounters obstacles in life sing a hallelujah chorus? No, of course not! Most of us have a few choice words but then go about our business or pleasure. This blog is about some of those choice words that may or may not have been said……

Hey look at these old people!

I live in the southeast with my awesome, happy, little family. I have three boys who have mostly grown up on me. I have a beautiful daughter in law, two gorgeous grandchildren and a host of others that surround us with love and support. I will tell you all about these guys from time to time because I want you to know how awesome and how much fun they are! We live on a farm, do farming type things for fun, like raise miniature goats and horses, chase cows and get flogged by chickens. My law enforcement hubby, the Sheriff, as he is affectionately known by about 50,000 plus people in our part of the world, is my forever hiking partner. He will take me wherever I want to go!

By trade, I am a counselor which means work can get stressful at times. With a husband that is large and in charge in the law enforcement community, our lives can get pretty tangled! The Sheriff and I have been together a long long time, we are facing an empty nest and we really need outside activities at this point. So we hike, canoe, camp, and travel. We like to hike. He really likes to hike, I like to walk. Sometimes I whine when we hike. It is what it is-I’m a whiner. I can accept it. I have taken the first step to admit my issues and I work at it. What I can’t seem to do is keep my mouth shut, thus the whining.

The Sheriff and I decided a couple of years ago to get to moving. We needed to be more active. Our jobs are stressful, to say the least. We needed to get our bodies and minds going in a different direction. We engaged in hiking challenges, bought new boots, got some new gear and hit the trails. Along the way, we have discovered some new places, revisited some old places and are always looking for interesting hikes, walks, jaunts or whatever you call it. If you stay tuned here, hopefully, you can find some humor, learn to find a voice or maybe learn to quiet your own whining temporarily and find a moment of joy.

the whiny hiker

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