Asking Family for Travel Advice

It’s a new year and time to start planning our family travel for the year. I like to plan at least one big family vacation one time a year. That means taking into account what each set of in-laws like, what each son and daughter-in-law like, will there be stuff for grandkids to do. Will there be enough boring historical sites to satisfy the Sheriff’s quest for useless knowledge?

This is usually how it goes when asking my people for travel advice. Let me know if you can relate.

When you ask the Sheriff, his advice starts with “we can visit Fort blah blah blah”.

When you ask Ranger Roberts, it’ll start with “Are you visiting the State Park?”

When I ask my mom, she says “Let’s go on the biggest boat ever!”

Nanny found us a big boat!

When I ask Winston, he says, ” Can we fly there?”

When I ask Mila, she says, “Where’s my map?”

This girl and her maps!

When I ask my Dad or Will, they’ll ask “what day will we be back home?”

The last night of any trip is their favorite!

On a side note, use caution when traveling with an engineer/technical-type college student. It is quite possible that he might try to explain the engineering behind the very touristy ledge you are about to step out on. I do NOT need to know anything about what holds up this ledge in the Willis Tower, but I highly recommend going.

When I ask Cam, my first daughter-in-law, she’s the fashionista. She wants to know what cute clothes to pack.

These beautiful Guy girls definitely make us look good.

When I ask, Brady, the oldest son, he says, “Where are we eating?”

When I ask, Rachel, the little red-haired girl and the second daughter-in-law, she finds the best beaches or a good excursion.

Rachel and her chicken taco at the Krazy Lobster in Costa Maya

When you ask Jackson, I get “Is there a good golf course there?”

When I ask my in-laws, they ask, “Will there be fishing?”

When they ask me….. Who am I kidding? I don’t ask them and they don’t ask me. I plan it or they plan it and off we go. Luckily, we are almost always able to find something to accommodate everybody’s tastes, except we don’t always appease Winston’s request to fly.

But, obviously, you can tell from the photos, we will take any and all advice when it comes to traveling. Every person brings their own sense of style or adventure to the trip. And even if it’s bad advice or we take a wrong turn, maybe we will end up with a good story.

Welcome back to the Whiny Hiker. I appreciate you for reading. Check out my other posts and follow along as I attempt to resurrect this mess.

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