Behind the Scenes: Finding Jeffrey

Behind the Scenes: Finding Jeffrey

Researching the stories of Jeffrey and Jeffrey’s Hell

Have you seen him? We’ve looked all over those hills. We took the north fork, the south fork, crossed the river and still had to guess. If you’ve never been out looking for Jeffrey, then get going. I’m not sure how for all these years we’ve wandered all around Jeffrey but never noticed. It was when the Sheriff was writing the

Overlooking Citico Creek

As we meandered through dense forest, it was clear that we were going to find so much more than a waterfall or even Jeffrey. I always say a good hike has four things that make it perfect-beautiful scenery, a waterfall, a bridge, and something abandoned. So this trek had the scenery. This place is absolutely breathtaking in some areas. Even in the early spring before the trees were fully covered, the beauty would envelop you. Then we happened upon the abandoned remains of some structure.

A lot of times, we go out looking for something, and the Sheriff will say something like “oh look that’s the foundation of a such and such” or “that pile of rocks means blah, blah, blah.” My response is usually the same every time. I typically respond with only two questions, and only one of them is crucial that I get an answer. My first question is, usually, “how do you know that?” And more importantly, WHY do you know that? Remember, he is a purveyor of useless knowledge! But really, why? I mean he could totally just be making this stuff up as he goes along. It seems that it’s all just stuck in his big old bald head.

Anyway…. we found a glorious abandoned structure. I love abandoned places. I love trying to imagine what happened for such a place to end up abandoned. I didn’t even care what this structure was because now it’s just a time warp that will enable us to go back in time and imagine what happened in the area surrounding it. Wandering upon abandoned places can allow you to put yourself into the stories of days past.

We still hadn’t found a waterfall that suited our criteria, so we had to move on. Now the next few steps into this hike led us to the old, railroad bridge. I’ll have to admit; the waterfall is getting further and further from my mind as I’m exploring around the bridge. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t have a chair, or my hike would’ve been over for the day! Climbing down under the bridge proved to be as impressive as walking over it. Under the bridge provides a great vantage point to view the age and structure of what the bridge once was. But this is one of the places where the creek is deafening. The sound of rushing clear waters of the Citico creek will drown out the world around you.

But even these rapids were not exactly what we were looking for, so on we went. Even I was not talking at this point because there was so much to take in. It wouldn’t have done me any good anyway. The Sheriff wouldn’t have heard me over the sound of the swift waters.

He always says I’m talking into his bad ear-no matter which side I’m on…

We pressed on. As we rounded the trail, we saw it. Could this be it? It fit all the criteria except to “hide” in the waterfall. One would have to lie down, as would your buddy with his jug or jugs of shine, but there was room, plenty of room! That had to be the place where this nefarious game of hide and seek took place so many years ago. You’ll have to check out the book to find out who won that game of backwoods hide and seek. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well for the moonshiners. They are hiding in a waterfall after all. No way that turns out well.

Would you hide here?

Read the stories. Take the hike. See if you can find Jeffrey or Jeffrey’s Hell. Let yourself be surrounded by the beauty that arose from tragedy. Both stories about Jeffrey and Jeffrey’s Hell are worth the read. However, a hike into the backwoods of the Cherokee National Forest into the Citico Creek Wilderness will make for the perfect day. And if you find ol’ Jeffrey out there, let us know.

If you are interested in reading the stories about the Citico Wilderness and other stories about the Cherokee National Forest, you can buy books from the Sheriff himself as you see him out and about or you can find them on Amazon through the link below. For all you E-Readers out there, there is a kindle version as well. For a Kindle subscription, just click Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans""” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here with your tech savvy self! Either way, catch him and he will autograph it for you. Well not the kindle version, obviously. His pen won’t write on those tablets very well. He also has a whole passel of other books that can be purchased by clicking HERE to get to his author’s page.

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