These Are My People

These Are My People

Who are all these characters I am always talking about?

Who are all these people you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, okay, I know you didn’t really ask. But you have got to know by now I’m going to tell you!

When I was a very little girl, I stayed with my grandmother a lot. I would have lived with her if my mother didn’t make me come home (all the way across the street) on occasion. My grandmother or Nanaw, as we all called her was the first person I knew who I would say was definitely a character! She was the kind of grandmother who not only taught me character but was a large character herself! She was a fun kind of grandma. If there was an adventure to be had, she was always up to the task whether it be surfing some waves at the beach or cheating at a maze to find her way out quicker, she was ready!

My very cool grandmother.

But when we were home, at her house, we had a routine. The same thing happened every day at 1:00 in the afternoon. We sat down to watch her “stories”. Now I feel like a lot of young girls of the 80’s probably watched stories with their moms or grandmothers. Its just what we did. We settled in on the couch and tuned into All My Children to watch wonderful characters like Erica Kane, Brooke English, and the dreamy Tad Martin live out their twists and turns of their fictional daily life for our entertainment. They told stories, very dramatic I might add, of what life was like in the fictional Pine Valley.

Well I don’t live in Pine Valley and my life, is not nearly as dreamy and thank goodness not nearly as dramatic as Erica Kane’s but it is full of characters. I am very blessed to have a whole slew of characters to draw from to put into my “stories.” I know I am biased but I live, surrounded by some of the most wonderful people that walk the face of the earth. Not all of them want me to write about them. Some stuff shouldn’t be written down so I don’t incriminate myself probably. But you might be wondering who these hooligans are that I keep mentioning from time to time.

If you know me and my family at all, you will know who I am talking about most of the time or why they’ve been given a certain pet name or nickname and you don’t have to read any more of this but you can still look at some super cute pictures! But if you don’t know me and would like to, please read through this post and get to know me and my wonderful tribe, squad or crew, as the kids all say these days.

We are the same, right??

The most mentioned character in my self created soap opera is the Sheriff. He is my husband of 24 long long years. He is actually the Sheriff of the county where we live. It just so happens to be the greatest place ever to live. We are grateful to our people and for the love and support they give us. Its not always easy being an elected official and certainly not always easy being married to one. The Sheriff is the world’s greatest husband. He’s a great hiking buddy and has a love for Christ, his family, his extended family also known as his department. He also fashions himself an aficionado of history and anything outdoors. He’s the best!

Somebody is spoiling these kids rotten! Wonder who??

The next little character probably deserves his own TV show himself, but I know I’m a little (a lot biased). He is my Fiveasaurus. My five year old going on 25 year old grandson. He has sense of humor of an adult and is a great hiking buddy. He loves to hike, swim, play with goats and is curious of most all things in life. And you’d better have a good answers, because he can see right through you if you don’t. You’ve already heard a bit about him and his new baby sister, who I think I’ll call our Million Dollar Girl because finally having a girl in the midst of all these Guys around my house is like winning the lottery!

Of course, the Fiveasaurus and the Million Dollar girl have the most wonderful parents, New Mom and New Dad, who I’m sure you will hear more about. There are two more guys still lurking around my nearly empty nest, the Quarterback (who brings the Little Red Haired Girl into the picture pretty regularly now days) and then last but not least, the Smartest Boy in the World who you’ve met in a previous blog post. I’ll tell you more about them if they’ll let me talk about them (like I don’t already).

I am very fortunate to still have my parents and my parents in law very close by. And all of them are moving parts in our crazy lives. I’m sure you will see or hear about them once in a while because they often get into their own shenanigans! I am so very blessed to also have a huge extended family and we are always all in each other’s business pretty regularly so unless they object loudly, I’m probably going to include them from time to time.

Almost everybody!

And last but not least is my officially, unofficial child. She belongs to us whether she wants to or not. I’ve got to include her regularly in these posts because first of all she is our current outdoors expert of a person who is knowledgeable about all things hiking, boating, and state parks. I’ve already talked about Ranger Roberts some here. You’ll be able to hear her roll her eyes when she reads this…..

She’s the one in the hat!

So scroll through all my silliness, get to know these characters. You’ll be glad you stayed a while.

the whiny hiker

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