Fake it ’til you make it-Words of Wisdom from a Five Year Old.

Fake it ’til you make it-Words of Wisdom from a Five Year Old.

How to be “fake”excited!

One of my most favorite people on this earth coined this phrase recently. I’m “fake” excited.  My 5 yr old grandson let it slip to one of his fun uncles that he was “fake” excited about the upcoming birth of his baby sister. While this was hilarious to us grandparents and definitely funny to the uncles, I’m not so sure how New Dad and New Mom felt about big brother’s “fake” excitement. And yes, I do think everything the Fiveasaurus does is wonderfully hilarious and intelligent. I know I am biased. However, this did make me think a bit about what things one might fake excitement for. I mean, as adults we do “fake” a lot of things, right? You would think this concept would be foreign to a five year old, but it seems he was pretty astute to pick up on how he needed to play the game to get through this pregnancy and to make it until his sister arrived.

You can see the sarcasm oozing from that smile! Click the picture to see one of the Fiveasaurus favorite places to camp and hike.

I think as a whiny hiker, I can say I have been “fake” excited most definitely. Like I’ve said before, I am not always singing a hallelujah chorus when the trail gets difficult or life throws me a lemon or two thousand. Nevertheless, for various reasons, I have to go on, move on, and let it be sometimes. I’ve made a list of a few things that I can think of that I can get “fake” excited about:

1.  When the Sheriff says hey let’s climb Mount XYZ. Why sure honey, I can’t wait to climb. I LOVE climbing. I’d love to strap a 30lb pack on my back and trudge straight up! Hey, why don’t I just carry your pack too?! (Have I mentioned, I don’t like to climb?)

2.  When someone sees one of our hiking/camping/canoeing social media posts and want to have an in-depth discussion about gear, clothing, mountains they’ve climbed higher than us, trails they’ve beat us to or how they were “born to hike,camp, canoe, run, bike, etc.”  Oh sure you were! I totally buy into that with you and your sparkling clean boots, intact clean, pack and brand spanking new tent all while wearing the matchy matchy name brand trail pants, same name brand shirt and hat. Hey do you wear that $250 sherpa pullover when you hike or is that just for my benefit?

3.  How about when some of my friends decide they want to go on a group hike to a bucket list type place but I know I’m going to be breathing like Darth Vader with a
CPAP machine?  Why yes, I do want to hike the whole state of Georgia in one overnight trip! I can certainly do that, no problemo!

4. Taking group hikes with unrulies. Unrulies are those kids, teenagers or even some adults whose have no boundaries ever. EVER! I don’t know what happened in their past to set this up. Maybe their parents failed to notice they had kids, maybe too many cupcakes throughout their lives, not enough drama in their lives? It can’t be the cupcake thing but I’m not sure. Their kids are jumping up and down the side of a mountain, tumbling over historic sites and gravestones, dangerously bouncing over crevasses that will be their certain death when they fall. I have to “fake” excitement when I look over at their parent with my own look of motherly judgemental dismay thinking, “aren’t you going to take care of that?” Only to see that parent beaming with pride at how sweet and bright their golden children are, totally ignoring the fact that death, disaster or dismemberment is looming. Oh, how agile your wonderful child is! I wish I had that much energy. Why, I was just thinking of how risking life and limb is so courageous. You must be so proud!

And last but not least. 
5.  Feigning enthusiasm for that freeze-dried chicken after hiking all day!  No dear, I wouldn’t dream of going back out to that pizza joint after all these calories we’ve burned?? Why you must be joking. Hahaha. (However, after some hiking days, any food is good food when you’re hungry-even that chicken!)

So maybe “fake” excited is a nicety that we have always practiced here in the South. Is it just one of those things that’s part of our existence like sweet tea or saying “bless your heart” Maybe it’s just the politeness and the thing to do when you are five and just don’t want to hear about mom’s expanding uterus from every person you encounter. The good thing is when the little sister came, the real excitement and joy of the journey set in. The end result certainly justified the in-between. The good thing is when I get to the top of my climb, the end of a strenuous bucket list hike or grab that wonderful greasy slice of pizza (The Sheriff always gives in, he always does, he spoils me like that ), I can feel excitement and accomplishment and know the journey was worth it. I can be“real” excited then. 

Gratuitous picture of the cutest kids ever!

For the record, the Fiveasaurus found “real” excitement in the arrival of his baby sister!

Have you ever had a situation where you’ve had to bless someone’s heart or spew niceties to keep from whining? Share how you kept from rolling your eyes! Share your comments and subscribe to the Whiny Hiker for more “fake” excitement. Also, follow the Whiny Hiker on Instagram and Pinterest for more wisdom from the Fiveasaurus. He is wise beyond his years, or at least he thinks he is.

Below are some favorite things the Fiveasaurus likes to take with him on a hike. If you take action (make a purchase), I will earn a little change that will go toward his college fund!

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  1. I love the kids’ Camelback bottle! I don’t have kids, but I have one of those. It’s a great size.

  2. This is the sweetest thing ever! Kids have such an amazing world view. I can’t wait until I have my own kids so I can learn this much from them ❤

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