And the most supportive wife award goes to……

And the most supportive wife award goes to……

Who is the most supportive wife ever?? Me! It’s me! At least for today. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I am married to a local politician who also happens to be a passionate history buff, hiker and a writer. I’m using the term passionate in the most literal sense. So passionate, in fact, that he was named County Historian about 10 years ago at the ripe old age of 41. What that really only means that he is considered the individual within our area with the most useless knowledge rolling around in his brain. He doesn’t mind to spout off that useless knowledge just about anytime he gets the opportunity. Sometimes, it’s interesting……… (Insert heavy sarcastic tone along with an eye roll.)

Today is one of those days that he is ready to share. In a neighboring town, we have a small museum that holds monthly lectures about all things local. Apparently, this month, they couldn’t find the guy who can TALK about paint drying which would have to be the only thing I can think of more boring than watching paint dry.

The Sheriff in his element.

My hubs, the Sheriff, is providing an educational presentation on moving a log cabin. Now keep in mind, he is not a contractor, a logger, nor an architect. But here we are on a Saturday morning, knee deep in a presentation complete with a PowerPoint and historical background of log cabin building. Now we live in a log cabin mind you. He didn’t build it. He did a lot of work on it himself, still does all the upkeep mostly himself, but we aren’t here to talk about that kind of log cabin. We aren’t listening to a lecture about log cabin living or upkeep. We aren’t talking about rustic living or decor even. I’m hearing historical terms such as Scotch Irish, chestnut blight, Corn cribs, structural integrity and dove tails. What’s amazing is that I am not the only one here to witness all this! There are people here actually soaking this up-see photo above! Of course this presentation was free to attend, because as public servants, we give everything away, even useless knowledge. I sure hope the museum is charging people to come in. A good informative lecture, on a Saturday morning, about the Chestnut blight affecting your Corn Crib is pure gold…..(Insert another eye roll).

Now the story or what he is really talking about happened a few years ago. He and a neighbor along with my teenagers moved an old log cabin, piece by piece, log by log, nail by nail, one half mile from a relatives property to ours before the relative burned it down. The relative did actually burn down another structure that goes along with this. (The Sheriff says the crowd will gasp when they hear about the loss of this structure-I’m anxiously awaiting on the edge of my seat!) That’s the gist of the story. There was a cabin that belonged to an ancestor. It was sitting in one place and now it sits somewhere else. That’s it, whole story! But a PowerPoint on chinking, labeling logs, and grandma’s old stove is riveting on Saturdays…… (Insert….. well you get the point by now, right?)

Anyway, I’m tagging along because I’m the best wife ever. I’m taking some pictures for the sake of posterity. Also because I know when I put together that photo montage when he dies, he will want this moment in time memorialized forever. Again, I’m being serious here. He really will. Of course I’m also going to use the picture for this blog post where I’m clearly making fun of him and his historical nerdiness. But in the nicest way ever, right? 

I intend to continue making fun of him until death do us part. I think we said that to each other in our vows. It’s all done in love and he knows it. He loves the attention anyway.  So stay tuned for more.   There will be much much more! Disclaimer: Most people that know us and most of those at the museum know that i rag him about being a history nerd of sorts.

Our little cabin

I mentioned my husband is a writer. He writes about local history, his law enforcement career, fun places to see and go and apparently moving log cabins. His fountain of useless knowledge often flows out into book form, which is very useful during tax time when we need to itemize and count our losses. If you happened to be interested in the history of the southeast, folklore, historical fiction or anecdotal stories about law enforcement, you can find his books on Amazon or any online major bookseller.

If you’d like to read more of the Sheriff’s stories, he has several books available. He can tell you stories about historical things from the southeast that you may not have ever heard or ever want to hear! Click below to check out some of his books!

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