Whiny Hikers Unite!

How to know if you are a Whiny Hiker.

One Google dictionary definition of whine is ‘a feeble or petulant complaint’. This pretty much sums up the actions of a whiny hiker. She is fully enjoying the activity of choice, in this case, hiking. It is an activity that she chose to do of her own volition, yet there are little things that are pet peeves or things that grinds her gears that leads to the murmuring which will eventually grow into the full-blown whine if not kept in check. These are things that the whiny hiker might say or do that could make someone think that she might not be enjoying the said activity as much as she should. She is not necessarily complaining but maybe just a bit grouchy or have a few axes to grind. Ooh speaking of axes, check out this Instagram account, Natural Niches. That’s my good friend Shane, he does great work!

What makes the whiny hiker different than any other hiker is that she doesn’t seem to have much of a filter between her mouth and brain. Nor does she have the ability to or maybe a desire to keep her thoughts to herself or keep her mouth shut. She may believe that if it pops into their head, then it must come out her mouth. And for all practical purposes, a whiny hiker can also be a he! I’ve hiked with a few he-man whiners!

So if you find yourself grumbling a little here and there about how hard the hike is, how heavy you made your own pack, how you wanted to go on the other trail or hear yourself saying, “how much further or how much higher?”, then you may be a whiny hiker. Embrace your inner whine, keep moving and be proud of who you are!At least you made it outside, right? Look at you on that trail!

I drew this myself!

Are you whiny, grumbly or grouchy? No? Not ever? Tell me how you do it! Stay tuned here for more stories of fun adventures, cute kid stories, and I might even mix up some history and actual facts! Follow the Whiny Hiker on Instagram and Pinterest for more hiking ideas, funny pictures and more!

the whiny hiker

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